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julie and i went home to visit with my parents and get my hair cut. we took friday off from work because i have more vacation time left over at the end of the year then they'll let me roll over to next year. so we sat around here most of the day and didn't do too much. we left out for cookeville in the evening and met up with doug. we ate out at cheddar's, caught up some, then went back to his place to watch evil dead, army of darkness, and the halloween episode from 2nd season buffy.
saturday pop wanted to drive around and see the leaves. so we drove out to pikeville, dayton, soddy daisy, dunlap, and back home through spencer. there were a lot of beautiful places and it was a really good day.

i finally got/made time to watch ghost in the shell: solid state society, which is a tv movie that takes place two years after 2nd gig. i'm a bit confused, but that was expected. i enjoyed it though.
but watching it led to me to looking around on the net...and i got to thinking that just in case anyone wanted to get me something for my b-day, but didn't know what to get then here are some ideas:

gits books:
revenge of the cold machines
white maze
2nd gig visual book

gits stuff:
plush tachikoma
solid state society sndtrk
2nd gig vol 6 dvd
2nd gig vol 7 dvd


was in a fender bender monday morning. not my fault, which is a first. thank god i was in the subaru though.
was stopping at a light which had just turned yellow. i was going down a bit of a hill/slope and it was raining that morning. i was stopping fine, but the dodge ram behind me thought i was going to go on through i guess. she hammered down on the brakes and i could hear her back wheels lock up and start sliding. i hadn't come a complete stop yet, so i just left off the brake to try and give some more distance. she still wasn't getting traction and by the time i started to just hit the accelerator to go on, whammo.
the damage wasn't too bad, and it could have been much worse for both of us. but considering the car is 12 years old and has 192k miles, chances aren't good for getting repared without the insurance company just totalling it out.
here's pics of the damage.

also, julie and i went to the americana folk festival yesterday. we had a good time until a little bit before patty went on and it started drizzling a bit. unfortunately, the drizzle made ppl stand up and start crowding the stage (for some cover). this then lead to the usual behavior of ppl cutting, pushing, and shoving. god how i hate unwanted physical contact.
but here's the photos i took.

music: underworld/sven vath - live at cocoon club 10/12/2006


work's been kind of stressing for both me and julie for the past few weeks. things came to a bit of a head last week (for me at least) due to ongoing problems with the rollout of a new product. so, i had the idea that we should just get away for a bit and try to relax. i surprised julie and made reservations for a cabin/bed and breakfast located about 20 miles south of clarksville. we had a very peaceful time and it was a great weekend to be out there.
i haven't been able (or anywhere of much importance) to take pictures lately, so i got a chance to play with my camera again as well. here's the photos i took.

i think the plan to put apartments next to our neighborhood is moving through and i'm not really happy with that. several houses here have gone up for sale very recently, so i guess others aren't happy either. it appears they're going to use the entrance to our neigherborhood as an entrance to the apartments as well, but they've spray painted some markings on the road coming in, so apparently they're going to have to do some construction. that'll be great to deal with day in and day out.


thursday was julie's birthday, so wednesday i had some flowers delivered to her at work. we took off from work on the 3rd and 4th and went to land between the lakes. we stayed at a resort park there for two days. not necessarily in this order, but we went to an elk/bison prarie, a nature station which was basically a little zoo, 'the homestead' which was a living museum of life in LBL back in the 1850's, went on a hike, went horseback riding, saw two shows at the planetarium, and had some mighty fine food.
we also went antique shopping in paducah and finally found julie a jewelery box. we also got some sweet potato butter that i'm eager to try on a hot biscuit. but we had a really good and relaxing time, which was needed.
here's the photos

sunday we had a little birthday party here at the house. trish, doug, and malachi came over. we had a nice dinner of salad and spaghetti with marinara we made from tomatoes my parents gave us. and for dessert we had an apple crumble that doug made (good!) and a chocolate ice cream/raspberry cake from coldstone creamery. also malachi brought some mexican popsicles which were spiced with chili peppers and other things. i've still not tried one yet. malachi got julie a boardgame called funny friends. we played a game and it was pretty amusing. then we just sat around, watched two episodes of wonderfalls, talked about work for a bit, then watched venture bros. then everyone went home.

music: ghost in the shell SAC1 sndtrk - surf


last sunday julie and i went to a beth orton concert at 3rd and lindsley. luckily they allowed cameras, so i've got some photos. the thumbnails look ok, but the larger views start to get blurry cause we were a ways back (even though we got there an hour early) and i had the zoom in to 13x. it was a good show though.

been some drama at work late last week that spilled into early this week a bit; kinda crazy but i'm not gonna get into on here.

looking forward to seeing clerks II this weekend. company picnic is this weekend as well, but i'm not enthralled with the idea of getting out in this hot weather. but they have horse rides, so naturally julie is going to want to go.

richard will be back in TN next week, so doug should be brining him up to nashville one night next week and we'll all hang out. that will be nice. doesn't seem like it's been a year since he was here last time.

this morning i weighed 136.4, which puts me at loosing pretty much right at 30lbs since jan.

music: coil - the first five minutes after death


just uploaded the photos from our 4th of july picnic today with julie's family.

not posted in a while, but didn't feel much had been going on nor have i taken any more photos up till today.
though apparently julie and i forgot to mention she's started taking classes at TSU for an HIM degree. her summer classes will be over this week, but she'll start back up in the fall.

music: labradford - a stable reference


we're back from our trip to chicago.
i uploaded all the pictures and broke them up into sets by each day. i didn't think anyone wanted to go through 400+ pictures in one sitting.
suffice to say we had a good but tiring time.
i wound up with a bit of a flu or cold or something since we got back. i think hooting at the cubs game and being out in the cold air that night setup something in my throat. it was very sore sat morning and i was achey and woozy. getting better now, but still kinda out of it and what i think isn't what always comes out of my mouth.

doug came up yesterday to meet up with mel and chris as they were up here house hunting. they ran latter than they planned to, but we all went out for supper at woodlands. i got this patty/pizza like thing with chick peas and boy was it good.

today i got a new computer chair from office depot.

music: traffic soundtrack - what's your daughter on?